The Two Types of Dental Lasers

Laser Dentistry pic
Laser Dentistry

Dentist and owner of Laser & Cosmetic Dental Institute of Orange County, Monica Boniadi, DDS, won the Consumer’s Research Council of America award for cosmetic dentistry in 2000, and for laser dentistry in 2010. At her practice, Dr. Monica Boniadi performs all aspects of dentistry, from oral surgery and Invisalign to laser dentistry.

Laser dentistry allows for more comfortable dental treatments that are shorter and more precise. There are two basic types of dental lasers: soft tissue and hard tissue. Hard tissue lasers are primarily used for cutting into teeth and bone for shaping the teeth. They are also used for removing small amounts of the teeth or fixing dental fillings that have become worn. Hard tissue lasers use a specific wavelength that is highly absorbable by water and the calcium phosphate salt that is found in teeth and bone, allowing for highly efficient tooth cutting.

Soft tissue lasers are commonly used for gum reshaping treatments and muscle attachment improvements. They seal blood vessels and nerve endings by penetrating soft tissues within the mouth. Soft tissue lasers promote faster healing and allow for minimal pain after surgery. The wavelengths for soft tissue lasers are highly absorbable by hemoglobin and water, allowing them to perform soft tissue treatments with minimal damage.